There has been a ‘flurry’ of inspections across our trust in the last few months – congratulations to all Galileo pupils and staff on excellent outcomes. We of course know we’re good, and we are very proud of all of our schools, but it’s great that the inspectors agree.

See our highlights below:


Galley Hill Primary School is a good school

Galley Hill was the first Galileo school to be inspected on 29th and 30th June, inspectors reported that ‘Leaders have high expectations of pupils. These expectations are shared by all staff’ and went on to say that the school’s moto ‘ready, respectful, safe’ is ‘well understood. ‘Pupils complete their work with determination. They are kind and help others.’

Anthony McGeeney the Headteacher said ‘The staff and children were thrilled with the outcome of the recent inspection. I am proud of what we have achieved together as a school community and how we continue to drive improvement. Our pupils’ love of learning, inquisitiveness, fabulous attitudes and behaviour are celebrated in the report. It really is a huge privilege to lead Galley Hill Primary school and I am grateful for the commitment of our dedicated staff and the support of our families and governors, as well as to the wider trust network’


New Marske Primary School continues to be a good school

New Marske was next on the inspectors’ list, and they visited us on 12th and 13th of July reporting that ‘Staff ensure New Marske Primary School is a warm and welcoming school’ and that ‘leaders have high expectations for what pupils can achieve. They ensure that where pupils need support to achieve well, they receive it.’

John Dooris the Headteacher said ‘We are delighted that the report recognised all of the hard work put into our school by pupils, parents and teachers. The report

highlighted that pupils, families and staff are proud to be part of the school and the ambition of all of our staff ensures that our pupils are prepared well for the next stage of their education. From nursery, reading is set as a high priority and these building blocks help pupils access an ambitious curriculum. As a school, we are delighted that the report comments on our pupils and how their positive behaviour and attitudes makes this a school they can be proud of. Thank you to everyone within the school and the Trust for your continued support.’


Wheatlands Primary School continues to be a good school

In the same week, inspectors called at Wheatlands Primary School (13th and 14th July) again they were impressed, reporting that ‘Pupils thrive at this inclusive and welcoming school’ and that ‘Leaders, staff and governors want this school to be the best it can be for all pupils.’

The Headteacher Samantha Pyle commented “The whole staff are thrilled that the report recognised all the hard work applied by everyone to make the school the success it is. The pupils demonstrated all of the qualities we instil in them every day with the report highlighting they are polite, hardworking and wear their uniform with pride. Many thanks to all of them, their families and our dedicated staff for making Wheatlands such a fabulous school to be a part of. Thanks also to the Trust and the other nine schools we have the privilege to work alongside for their ongoing support.”


Green Gates Primary School is a good school

In the second week back after the summer holidays it was the turn of Green Gates on 13th and 14th of September. Inspectors were very positive awarding the school ‘outstanding’ for behaviour and attitudes, and personal development. They said, ‘Pupils feel part of a big team working together to make the school as good as it can be’ and ‘Leaders have high expectations for the range and depth of subject knowledge that all pupils acquire while at the school.’

Katie Lowe, Headteacher, said “We are absolutely delighted with the outcome of our recent Ofsted. The report reflects the hard work and commitment of our wonderful children, dedicated staff and community. We are especially pleased with the positive comments regarding our pupil’s outstanding behaviour and personal development. We remain committed to ensuring the best provision and care for all of our children and will continue to put them at the heart of everything we do at the school. I would like to thank the pupils, the staff, the governors, the trust and our parents and carers for their ongoing support.”


John Emmerson Batty Primary School continues to be a good school

On the 22nd and 23rd of September Ofsted visited John E Batty, its report opened with the following line ‘There is a strong culture of respect and kindness in the school.’ And went on the say that ‘Leaders are ambitious for all pupils in the school. They have designed a curriculum that sets out the knowledge that pupils need to meet these ambitions.’

Martin Kitchen, Headteacher said, “Once again we are delighted to receive an extremely positive outcome from our latest Ofsted inspection. The report rightly reflects the long-standing success of the school in helping the children reach their full potential through the dedication and hard work of everyone associated with it. We were particularly pleased with the very positive comments regarding the ethos, culture and learning behaviour of the children and were overwhelmed to see that 100% of parents and carers that responded to the survey would recommend the school to others. We would like to say a big thank you to our gorgeous children, passionate staff and highly supportive community for everything they do to make John Emmerson Batty a happy place to be.”


St Peter’s Church of England Primary School is a good school

Inspectors judged both behaviour and attitudes, and personal development at St Peter’s to be ‘outstanding’ during their visit on 27th and 28th September. They reported that ‘Pupils love coming to this caring and nurturing school. They feel happy and safe’ and that ‘’The school meticulously identifies the needs of pupils with SEND.’

This was the second time inspectors had visited St Peter’s this year. On March 18th there was a Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist schools (SIAMs) who gave the school the highest accolade possible awarding it ‘excellent’. The report opens with ‘St Peter’s is a remarkable church school where lives are changed. Leaders have an uncompromising focus on inclusivity, breaking the cycle of inequality.’

Headteacher Richard Unthank said “We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our recent Ofsted and SIAMs inspections. The inspectors have rightly highlighted the many achievements the school continues to make which reflects the hard work and dedication of staff, governors and trustees. The reports describe the strong and purposeful partnerships we have between home, school and the community which is clearly having a positive impact on the children’s education and well-being. We look forward to continuing to offer the best possible opportunities and experiences to enable everyone to flourish and fulfil their full potential.”


Coatham Church of England School continues to be a good school

Next up was Coatham on 6th and 7th October, inspectors reported that ‘leaders are committed to preparing pupils for their future. Leaders want pupils to learn not for school but for life’ they said that ‘pupils understand how to be a good friend’ and that ‘leaders are ambitious about what they want pupils to learn.’

Phil Maudsley, Headteacher responded “We were really pleased that the Inspection recognised the role of our vision and Christian values as implicit in the everyday life of our school; they saw this reflected in behaviour and in the children’s pride in their roles and in their work.  They also of course saw it in our curriculum where “learn not for school but for life” drives our cross-curricular model and our links with and use of the community as a major learning aid.  The report reflects everybody’s hard work across the school community and the way that children, staff, families and governors all work together to help our children to succeed and be happy; thank you to everyone for their help and support”


Lakes Primary School continues to be a good school

On the 29th and 30th of November it was the turn of Lakes where inspectors reported that ‘Pupils enjoy coming to Lakes Primary School. They are enthusiastic about their learning’ The report went on to say that ‘Leaders have developed an effective and ambitious curriculum for all pupils.’

Executive Headteacher, Tim Bethell said “The school, and the local community, have been through so much over the last couple of years and this report is recognition for all of the hard work that staff have put in to help the children recover.  There are things to work on but we are confident that, working together, we can keep the school moving in the right direction.”

Jane Spence, CEO of Galileo Trust said that “Having so many inspections in quick succession was tough, but the outcomes are testament to our wonderful children and the dedication and hard work of our colleagues in every role. I am very proud that inspectors not only saw high academic standards, but that the supportive ethos and nurturing culture of each school was recognised. We are certainly living by the values of our Trust ‘ambition, inclusion and integrity’ and I’m looking forward to going from strength the strength and continuing to improve for every single Galileo child.”

Graeme McGregor, Chairman of Galileo Trust said “It is fantastic that Galileo schools have been judged so positively by the inspectorate, well done to all pupils and staff, you should be very proud. The Trust Board has high expectations to deliver our vision: ‘To make Galileo Multi Academy Trust a leading provider of education, recognised for its core values, ensuring each and every pupil thrives, develops a love for learning, and is prepared to take their next steps in life.’ We can’t do this without a huge team effort which of course includes our dedicated trustees and local school board governors. We can all look forward together to a successful future.”

Katherine Cowell DfE regional director has also recognised our achievements and has written to the headteachers of each school and the CEO to commend them on such positive reports.