Trust Board and Committee

Trust Board & Committees

Established as a non-profit charity in 2017, the Galileo Multi Academy Trust is responsible for 10 primary schools in the borough of Redcar and Cleveland, two of which are Church of England schools in the Diocese of York.

All 10 schools have been categorised by Ofsted as being rated either good or outstanding.

Trustee Recruitment and Appointment

The recruitment and appointment of Trustees is set out within the Articles of Association and Scheme of Delegation. The term of office, number and types of trustees and specific role of the Chief Executive are all clearly defined.

Organisation Structure

The governance structure of the Trust is detailed here:

Governance structure 2021

Galileo Attendance Record for 20-21

Audit & Risk Committee = Darren Ditchburn (Chair of Committee), Mark Fletcher, Andy Thom

Finance & Resources Committee = Graeme McGregor (Chair), Mark Fletcher, Philomena Abrahams

Education, Standards, Inclusion & Church Committee = Julie Deville (Chair), Claire Graham-Brown, Ashleigh Lees, John Hind