Trust Board Sub-Committees

Trust Board Sub-Committees provide the overview and high-level scrutiny of the prioritised risks and overview provided by Local Governing Committees. The principle of ‘no duplication of governance’ requires a clear differentiation of the nature of the scrutiny and challenge provided by the Trust Board Sub-Committees of each category’s contribution to the overall performance of the Academy Trust. This compares with the Local Governing Committee’s scrutiny of each individual school's contribution to regional performance.

The Trust Board Sub-Committees will be:

  • Educational Standards and Performance

  • Finance & Risk and Audit 

  • Human Resources

The Finance Sub-Committee shall establish a remuneration committee for determining senior executive salaries and performance criteria. Senior executives include the CEO and any member of the Executive Team that reports directly to the CEO. The CEO (or managers with the CEO’s delegated authority) determines salaries of all other employees, subject to the overall budget limits and pay policy approved by the Trust Board.


Schools within Galileo Multi Academy Trust.

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