Vision and Values

The shared vision and values of Galileo and all the Academies underpins the governance arrangements of the Academy Trust.

Galileo supports the independence and distinguishing characteristics of each of the Academies and seeks to provide a level of autonomy proportionate to the success of the Academy. This gives Galileo its distinctiveness.

Recognising the value of collaboration and the advantage of a public association, Galileo will provide a voice on national issues affecting the Academy Trust and our academies, helping to communicate the Academy Trust’s needs and concerns to those responsible for the funding and regulation of publicly funded schools.

Galileo has a commitment to supporting the schools within the Galileo family for the benefit of the communities served by the schools. Galileo expects academies to work together in the spirit of solidarity. The relationship between the Academy Trust and Local Governing Bodies is one of partners sharing a common goal, drawing on each other’s strengths in order to overcome any weaknesses and respond robustly to any challenges.

Galileo provides a strong, responsible foundation from which every academy develops and grows. It provides a subtle yet crucial role, aiming always to be a trustworthy, reliable and inspirational organisation, delivering the best possible learning experiences.

Shared Vision

Galileo has strong connections with the Diocese of York, in particular the Diocese of York Educational Trust (DYET).

DYET’s aim is to fulfil for the students in its academies the Church of England’s vision for education. It takes as its starting point the words of Jesus, who said that he came so that people may have ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10.10). DYET is committed to seeing its students grow and reach their potential intellectually, emotionally, physically, spiritually, morally and socially. Whilst DYET is clear about this vision being a practical outworking of the Christian faith for 21st century Britain, it is not in any sense narrow or exclusive.

The national policy statement from the Church of England puts it like this:

The vision, in line with the Church of England’s role as the established Church, is for the common good of the whole human community and its environment, whether national, regional or local. It is hospitable to diversity, respects freedom of religion and belief, and encourages others to contribute from the depths of their own traditions and understandings. It invites collaboration, alliances, negotiation of differences, and the forming of new settlements in order to serve the flourishing of a healthily plural society and democracy, together with a healthily plural educational system.

DYET is glad to work in partnership with Church, Co-operative Trust and Community schools, and with educational bodies of all designations, with which it can share an inclusive and open approach to the development and flourishing of young people and the communities to which they belong.

DYET is currently in partnership with:

· Ebor MAT

· Elevate MAT

· Hope MAT

· Pathfinder MAT

· Sentamu Academy Learning Trust

· South York MAT

· Dales Academies Trust

· Galileo MAT

· Woldgate MAT


Schools within Galileo Multi Academy Trust.

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