Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I would like to work for a Trust but I currently work for a maintained school in a Local Authority. Will I lose my continuous service?

Answer: No, the Trust recognises and protects continuous service with those organisations currently listed on the redundancy modification order. Service is protected for the purposes of sick pay, annual leave, occupational maternity pay and redundancy.

Question: What is the difference between working for a Local Authority and working for a Trust?

Answer: Moving to Galileo Multi Academy Trust has a number of advantages. The main one is that you get to work in a collaborative environment with staff from other GMAT Schools. As a member of staff you also benefit from greater opportunities for professional development and potential promotion as you will be working with other professionals in our family of schools.

Question: I understand that Multi Academy Trusts do not have to use the national conditions of service for teachers or support staff. Will my terms and conditions of employment be worse?

Answer: It is correct that Multi Academy Trusts are not bound by national conditions. However, we adhere to School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document for teachers and NJC conditions for support staff.

Question: If I switch to working within the Galileo Multi Academy Trust, what will happen to my pension?

Answer: Your pension is exactly the same with the Trust as if you were working for a Local Authority. Teachers are automatically entered into the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and support staff are entered into the Local Government Pension Scheme. Under current legislation, you can choose to opt out of the pension scheme if you wish.

Question: Will I be able to join a union?

Answer: Yes. The Trust has a national recognition agreement with the major unions (NASUWT, NEU, NAHT, GMB, UNISON, UNITE). Senior leaders of the Trust meet regularly with these unions through our Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) to consult on policy and other Trust developments.